Mac setup

Below I describe how to setup my Mac (what I do when I setup a new Macintosh).


After backing up the data using TimeMachine or alike, initialize the data by starting with the safe boot mode (press command+r when startup your Mac), we initialize Mac, and reinstall OS (and then update).

Microsoft Office

Login to My Handai site ( using your Osaka University ID, find "Other service" and "Microsoft software. Download Office 2019 for Mac and install.
NOTE: "My Handai" is available only in Japanese, and please ask your colleagues who understand Japanese. Note also the short-term students are NOT allowed to download and install MS softwares provided through "my handai" site. Please ask your supervisor to install on behalf.


Install from AppleStore (may take an hour or so).


Use Homebrew to install commands necessary for the research. Follow the description in the Homebrew webpage and execute the following on your terminal as:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

(check the command in the original webpage)
After finishing Homebrew, install the following commands (at least) as:

  • XQuartz
    $ brew cask install xquartz
  • gcc
    $ brew install gcc
  • open-mpi
    $ brew install open-mpi
  • gnuplot
    $ brew install gnuplot
  • xmgrace (grace)
    $ brew install grace
  • LaTeX
    Download MacTeX.pkg from this page and install it.
  • TeXworks
    In case you want use TeXworks to edit LaTeX files, type
    $ brew cask install texworks
  • Python3
    Search package by issuing
    $ brew search python3
    and follow the instruction.
    Download from the VESTA webpage, unpack the package and move the "VESTA" folder to the Application folder
  • VMD (useful to visualize the trajectory)
    Download from the offical site. Registration required.
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