* Preliminaries [#i4fa0667]
In this tutorial, it is supposed to use the precompiled version of Quantum-ESPRESSO (6.3) on the smith cluster system, the one operated in the Morikawa group at Osaka University, and you don't have to copy source code or pseudopotential. You are going to use the source in
and the pseudopotentials placed in
If you want to use your own version of the code and pseudopotentials, follow the instruction given in the "Installation" page.

Input files and job scripts are archived and placed in
For the H2 example, copy h2.tgz by typing
 $ cp ~ikutaro/QE/tutorial/h2.tgz .
in your tutorial direcotry
and expand in your directory as
 $ tar zxf h2.tgz
and remove the tar file
 $ rm -f h2.tgz

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