Morikawa Group

Computational Physics Area,
Department of Precision Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

To develop highly functionalized materials for various applications such as electronic devices, solar cells, highly efficient fuel cells, organic devices, and so on,it is important to clarify behaviors of electrons and atoms in materals in detail.

However, it is often difficult to elucidate such microscopic phenomena experimentally.

To this end, we employ first-principles computer simulations and observe electrons and atoms in atomic scale and predict properties of new materials. We develop computer simulation programs based on Quantum Mechanics and by using those programs on super computers, we investigate physical and chemical properties of materials and clarify the origins for those properties.

Based on these investigations, we propose important factors to desing new efficient materials and contribute to fields related to industry, energy and enviroment which are important in fugure of our society.

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2022.10.01 Ms. Kyoko Nakagawa has joined as a secretary.
2022.10.01 Mr. Steffen Henninger, Ms. Nur Rabiatul Adawiyah Binti Mohd Shar, Mr. Satria Hidayat, Mr. Husni Ihsudha, and Mr. Achmad Zacky Fairuza have joined as special auditors.
2022.10.01 Mr. Muhammad Fadhlan Anshor and Mr. Pongpan Sitiputa have joined as master's degree program students.
2022.10.01 Mr. Rojas has entered his doctral program.
2022.09.30 Mr. Pham has earned his doctral degree.
2022.09.26 Yuelin Wang has won The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science Best Female Student Award. Congratulations!
2022.09.15 Harry Handoko Halim has won EBARA Student Prize at the 22nd International Vacuum Congress (IVC-22). Congratulations!
2022.08.02 Dr. Ota has won a poster award at 12th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis (ICEC2022). Congratulations!
2022.07.01 Results of joint research with University of Tsukuba have been released to press.
2022.04.01 Mr. Kazuki Hirashima, Mr. Taigo Miyazato, and Ms. Miyu Yoshida have joined our group.
2022.04.01 Mr. Ota, Mr. Kunou, Mr. Nakagawa, Mr. Hosokawa, and Mr. Yamada have entered their master's programs.
2022.04.01 Dr. Toshihiro Kume from SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has joined as a Visiting Researcher.
2022.04.01 Dr. Kunihiko Yamauch has joined as a Specially-Appointed Assistant Professor, and Dr. Thi Phuong Thao Nguyen has joined as a Specially-Appointed Researcher.
2022.04.01 Professor Hisazumi Akai from Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo has joined as a Visiting Professor.
2022.03.31 Ms. Abe, Mr. Ota, Mr. Kunou, Mr. Nakagawa, Mr. Hosokasa, and Mr. Yamada have completed their undergraduate degrees.
2022.03.31 Mr. Shimada has completed his master's degree.
2021.03.31 Mr. Ota has earned his doctral degree.
2022.02.09 Professor Yoshitada Morikawa has been awarded 2022 Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science prize!
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Department of Precision Engineering,
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